Northern Partners Cooperative operates one of the top Energy Departments in the State of Illinois. We strive to bring success to all of our customers' operations. Our Delivery Specialists have the expertise and the experience to recommend and provide not only the proper product, but also top quality products for the intended operations of our customers.

NPC offers a full selection of fuel types. Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Gasoline and Cenex Premium Diesel products. We have multiple refinery locations to pull from in our trade territory. No operation is too big or too small for us. NPC is able to offer competitive fuel prices and quality products for customers.
As the Market changes, we try to assist in managing it for your benefit. We have many different options as far as fuel contracting, market management monitoring systems, and access to some of the top traders and consultants in the energy market.


Today’s diesel engines use high-pressure, common-rail (HPCR) direct-injection technology for significantly greater efficiency than conventional diesel engines. The high temperature and pressure these engines operate at can literally cook typical #2 diesel, resulting in fouled fuel that can damage engine parts. Cenex provides two types of Premium Diesel Fuel to combat with some of the top issues in trucks and equipment today. 

Click on the images below to learn more about our Premium Diesel Products from Cenex available from your NPC Delivery Specialist.



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