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    The 4R Pledge, that is. Northern Partners, the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association, our staff and our customers understand that to improve the environment, preserve agriculture's future, and continue feeding the world, everyone needs to take a part of the responsibility of reducing nutrient loss. The 4R Pledge states that we will recommend our grower customers take action by using the Right Rate, Right Source, Right Time and Right Place concept when applying fertilizer products. Join us by visiting:

    Northern Partners Agronomy is committed to service our customers and patrons with integrity and professionalism. We strive to be a valued partner in each operation in which we can be of service. Our strategic locations and services can be a value to all segments of customer in the ever changing agricultural industry. Our experienced staff is ready to provide quality services and products to help increase your bottom line. If you would like more information on Northern Partners Agronomy please feel free to contact our facilities or Account Mangers to see how Northern Partners can become a valued partner in your operation.

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    Here are some resources for your use in learning more about crops, crop development, pests, and pesticides.
    4R Nutrient Stewardship Learn About 4R Nutrient Management
    Illinois Soybean Association Soybean Association Website

    The Bulletin      Weekly University of Illinois Crop Newsletter

    Integrated Crop Management NewsWeekly Iowa State Crop Newsletter

    Wisconsin Crop ManagerWeekly University of Wisconsin Newsletter

    Pest & CropWeekly Purdue University Newsletter

    King Corn.orgEverything You Ever Wanted to Know about the King of Crops, Corn and Corn Culture, Etc.

    Soybean SceneA Site that Explains Soybean Production (A site that might interest your non-farm friends)


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