• Another down market day with corn closing down 3.5 and beans down 12.75 
  • China retaliated with more tariffs today. 25% tariff on US built cars. 5% additional on US soybeans
  • Trump followed with ordering US companies to immedaitely start looking at alternatives to Chinese business 
  • After the close Pro Farmer came out iwth average corn yields of 163.3 versu USDA of 169.5
  • Cooler temperatures during the next 10 days does not foretell any early frost possibilities generally
  • After the close Profarmer came out with yields of 46.1 on soybeans versus 48.5 from the USDA
  • Also after the close Trump announced an increase in required ethanol use for both 2020 and 2021 to help stem the anger for the biofuel waivers given earlier in the week 

    Have a good weekend!!
    Scott Johnson